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Dixie Elixirs’ Awakening Mints

Dixie Elixirs Awakening Mints

Be discreet like James Bond and relaxed like Bob Marley with Dixie Elixirs’ Awakening Mints.

Each case of Awakening Mints contains 16 mints with 10mg of THC per mint. These little Altoids-sized mints are perfect for anyone on the go. Put a few in your pocket or backpack, and head to the beach or mountains for a relaxing day in nature. Within 30 – 60 minutes the effects begin, leaving you with a euphoric, full-body calming sensation.

The mints are nice and flavorful, but not overbearing like Altoids or Binaca’s former mouth-burning breath spray. These are the good mints. The kind of mints you’d carry around in your pocket or keep in your car.

Dixie Elixirs always keeps patients and their families in mind; The Awakening Mints come in tamper-proof and child-proof packaging, and there are THC warning labels on each pill and throughout the packaging. Warning: these little mints pack a monster punch!

The Awakening Mints come in peppermint and orange flavors.

Contact your local dispensary to see if they carry Dixie Elixirs’ Awakening Mints.

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