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Columbia Care Dispensary Prepares for It’s Future in Virginia

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Columbia Care is hoping to open its doors to start serving patients in January. The dispensary would like to be open before 2021, but January is more realistic. The products that will be available to Virginia medical marijuana patients will all be oil-based (no smokable forms of marijuana will be available).

There are only a few dispensaries open already, with Bristol being the first to open, WAVY 10 News says. Only 4 dispensaries have received licenses in Virginia so far. This does mean that some patients will have to drive considerable distances to obtain their products.

Columbia Care Dispensary Pharmacist Ray Hernandez said, “Virginia is an oil market — that means all products are derived from the oil of the plants. That’s going to put us in a place where we have tincture varieties, concentrates, tablets, vapes, and some topical applications as well.”

Columbia Care has started planting plants to retrieve oil from to comply with Virginia’s strict medical marijuana rules. The dispensary will announce an opening day once that date becomes a little clearer.