Monday , July 23 2018
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Virginia Governor to Sign New Medical Marijuana Legalization Bills

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Three pieces of marijuana reform passed Virginia’s legislative process this week. Those bills are on their way to Governor McAuliffe’s desk for his signature. The bills passed reduce penalties and allow for the in-state manufacturing and sale of medical marijuana oil.

Once these bills are signed into law, you won’t automatically lose your license for marijuana possession, according to 13 News Now. Discussions regarding decriminalization are likely to become a hot topic among state lawmakers. Senator Tommy Norment thinks that reforming civil penalties and replacing them with alternative punishments is ideal.

Norment said, “We should examine civil penalties and alternative punishments.”

Councilwoman Andria McClellan said, “If we can take away some of the penalties for simple possession, I think that makes a lot of sense.”

The three bills awaiting signature are:

  • SB 1027 – In-state pharmaceutical companies can manufacture and sell medical marijuana oil for intractable epilepsy
  • SB 1091 and HB 2051 – Removes six-month mandatory driver’s license suspension for marijuana possession

Councilman Paul Riddick is also on-board with decriminalization. He said, “I’d like to see a total presentation to find out what impact it has on the lives of a young person who might be caught with a small amount of marijuana as opposed to just giving him a ticket and a fine.”