Sunday , May 26 2019
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Bristol City Council Supports CBD Processing Center

A unanimous vote shows enthusiastic support for a new CBD oil processing facility at the Bristol Mall. The Bristol Virginia City Council held a 90-minute public information session beforehand. The resolution of support is on its way to the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

Five licenses will be awarded to grow and extract both CBD and THC-A, according to the Bristol Herald Courier. Refining the products for distribution will also take place. One license per region will be awarded.

One potential license holder, Dharma Pharmaceuticals, says that if they are awarded a license, it could create up to 150 jobs.

Mayor Kevin Mumpower said, “The group opening this up is a group of very ethical business people; they’ve lived here in this community for a number of years. We’ve got a group that wants to support this community from an economic development and jobs standpoint. I think you’re going to see good things out of this group.”

Vice Mayor Kevin Wingard said, “I’ve said for years that the product has been suppressed. I’m thrilled the state of Virginia has opened the doors and allowed this to move forward. And I’m real excited about it coming to Bristol.”

Councilman Doug Fleenor endorsed the project as well.

He said, “If you had told me 30 or 40 years ago that something like this would have been one in this city… We have so many ideas that marijuana is a bad thing and any kind of derivative it from it is a bad thing… And this group didn’t ask for a penny from the City Council or the state. That is what true capitalism is. Kudos to every one of you.”

If the state approves the application, a special exception would have to be issued to the mall that is located in a B-3 zoning area to be converted to a manufacturing facility.

Once the state approves the application, Bristol City Council will hold a formal public hearing that will be followed up by another vote.