Sunday , May 26 2019
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Virginia to Soon Have More Marijuana Producers Operating

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Delegate Glenn Davis reported that five facilities will soon be in operations to produce marijuana oil for the state’s medical marijuana program. The Hampton Roads area will be the location of one facility. New legislation signed by Governor Northam this year opened the program up to more patients.

Another piece of legislation allowed for more production facilities, according to WTKR 3 News. The program is tightly regulated; allowable THC in the products won’t produce a high.

Davis said, “The great opportunity here is we are finally allowing our neighbors and friends that are afflicted with everything from cancer to Crohn’s disease and other diseases to have a treatment that they were never allowed to have in Virginia.”

Davis also said, “There’s a lot of science that goes into growing these plants, so it’ll definitely be indoors. It’ll be up to the entity that gets the licenses on how big or small they want to make the facility.”

Regarding the THC content, Davis said, “What we’ve essentially done is allowed for the use of CBD oil without the high you typically hear about from marijuana or the hallucinogenic properties.”

Davis is unsure about expanding the program further, he said, “The marijuana industry has been very interesting to watch in other parts of the country. I don’t know what expansion will look like in the future. I know that there’s been a lot of unintended consequences, but there needs to be an educational process so people realize CBD oils are not marijuana.”

An announcement regarding who will cultivate the plants to obtain the CBD oil is expected in September.